League teaser shows off first look at Senna’s abilities

The game's newest champion is almost here.

Image via Riot Games

While some League fans have their eyes on Worlds 2019, others are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Senna, the game’s new support marksman. Riot Games has slowly released Senna content over the past couple of weeks, beginning with her reveal. But today, the League of Legends developer has released a short gameplay trailer, giving fans a glimpse of the new champion’s abilities.

The trailer doesn’t give us any names or specifics, but we can theorize what the abilities will do based on their appearance in the trailer. Luckily for League fans, Riot included an ability bar above Senna’s head to show which ability is being used with each animation shown in the trailer.

For her passive, Senna seemingly grabs souls that are left behind by enemy champions and minions after they die—similar to Thresh’s passive. It’s unclear what these souls are used for, however. For Thresh, harvesting souls grant permanent armor and ability power, but it remains to be seen if Senna’s passive will allow her to stack similar stats.

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For Senna’s Q, she fires a bolt that resembles Lucian’s Piercing Light (Q). Unlike Lucian’s ability, however, Senna’s Q appears to be much larger. Her W looks to be a skill shot, which sends out a teal orb in a straight line. In the trailer, the ability hits the opposing Thresh and seems to leave a mark on the Chain Warden. The mark appears to charge up after the spell hits the target. Thresh is then rooted for a short period of time.

Senna’s E seemingly resembles Pyke’s Ghostwater Dive (W), in which he dives underneath water and swims around the map. For Senna’s ability, however, she dives into the Rift and enters a ghostly mode, becoming green and adopting a shadowy circle around her. The ability looks like it gives the champion bonus movement speed and may give a secondary effect based on the shadow ring.

For her ultimate, Senna fires her railgun in a straight line. The resulting shot is a massive, lane-wide attack that appears to be otherwise limited in range.

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Fans will get a closer look at Senna and her abilities when she hits League’s Public Beta Environment on Oct. 29. She’ll remain on the testing server before going live with the the 2020 preseason patch, which kicks off on Nov. 20.