League players trade places on Summoner’s Rift after simultaneously casting same ability on each other

Just walk away and play it cool.

Image via Riot Games

A pair of League of Legends players encountered each other in the top lane, engaged in a one-vs-one battle, and both walked away from the skirmish after casting one ability apiece. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier this week, two League of Legends players—a Sylas and a Sett—began to fight each other in the top lane. But their battle was cut short thanks to a bizarre gameplay side-effect of the two players casting the exact same ability on each other at precisely the same time. 

The play began with the Sett player calmly farming minions in the top lane while relatively pushed up to the enemy team’s outer turret. Their positioning gave the Sylas player the chance to use Teleport on a ward behind them and set up a gank attempt. When the Sylas player arrived in the top lane, they immediately stole Sett’s ultimate, The Show Stopper (R), with their own ultimate, Hijack (R), and casted it on their opponent. 

At the exact same time, the Sett player used their own ultimate on the Sylas. Both players were launched through the air—as is tradition with Sett’s ultimate—but in opposite directions due to the two abilities being cast at the exact same time. Plus, the fact that the Sylas player had arrived at the scene with a Black Shield (E) from Morgana active on them made things a lot more complicated for the Sett player. 

The two players would ultimately trade spots on the map and act like nothing ever happened. The Sylas player went back to farming minions under their own tower, just like the Sett player had been a few moments prior.

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