League players combine ultimates for instant pentakill in ARAM

Nunu and Ryze will always make the greatest tag-team.

Image via Riot Games

Two League of Legends players combined their ultimate abilities for an instant pentakill in an ARAM game. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, two League players, who were playing Ryze and Nunu in the clip, used both of their ultimates to secure a coveted “instant pentakill” where all five enemy players are taken out at the exact same time. The Ryze/Nunu combo itself is one of League’s most classic uses of two ultimates. But to this day, it’s as devastating as ever. 

The clip begins with the Ryze player channeling Realm Warp (R) inside a bush completely hidden from the view of enemy players. Shortly after, the Nunu player starts to channel their ultimate, Absolute Zero (R), inside the same bush. Since Realm Warp has a slightly shorter activation time than Absolute Zero, the Nunu player was able to arrive under the enemy team’s tower just in time to detonate their ultimate and wipe all five enemy players off the map. 

The damage from Absolute Zero was enough to kill all five enemies instantly, resulting in a clean pentakill for the Nunu player. Plus, since the Howling Abyss is a relatively small map, the radius of Nunu’s ultimate covered practically the entirety of the one-lane map. The timing and location of the Ryze player’s Realm Warp were perfect, making for an easy setup. 

Perhaps what was most impressive about the pentakill, though, is that it was achieved less than five minutes into the game. Since players aren’t allowed to recall and buy items while playing ARAM games, it’s almost a certainty that the Nunu player pulled off this pentakill without any completed items in their inventory.

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