League player with over 1,400 movement speed secures pentakill in URF game

Some outrageous gameplay is always possible in URF mode.

Image via Riot Games

Securing a pentakill in League of Legends is always easier when your abilities have practically no cooldown. It’s even easier when you’re able to move between enemies at the speed of light. So, when a player has nearly 1,500 movement speed in a game of URF, pentakills can be wrapped up in a moment’s notice. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier this week, one League player ran circles around their opponents, grabbing five consecutive kills in a teamfight while moving with well over 1,000 movement speed. 

Coming into the teamfight, the player, who was playing Jhin in the clip, was sporting a scoreline of 17/1/5 with a full build just 15 minutes into the URF game. At one point, the Jhin player had 1,485 movement speed thanks to the items in their build, including Berserker’s Greaves, Rapid Firecannon, and Phantom Dancer. Plus, the innate buff given to all URF players, the  “Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing,” gives 60 flat movement speed as a passive bonus. 

Additionally, buffs from some of Jhin’s teammates, including a Song of Celerity (E) from an allied Sona player and a cast of Whimsy (W) from an allied Lulu, provided an active boost to the Jhin player’s movement speed. With those two abilities active on the Jhin, they were able to run through the enemy team’s base at warp speed, wrapping up the teamfight and securing the final two kills of the pentakill behind enemy lines. 

Once the pentakill was in the books, the enemy team promptly surrendered, giving the Jhin player and their team a much-deserved victory.

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