League player wins 1-vs-3 skirmish with perfect one-shot Gangplank barrel

Instantly taking down multiple enemy champions at once is a rare feat.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, a true one-shot—where an enemy’s health bar is depleted from 100 percent to zero with one single ability— is a rare occurrence. What’s even more rare, though, is when one ability wipes two enemy players clean off the map. 

In a gameplay clip posted to Reddit earlier today, one League player survived a one-vs-three skirmish with a sliver of health, capping it off with a last-second two-for-one one-shot.

In the clip, the League player was running away from the enemy team’s base while controlling Gangplank, setting up a line of barrels via Powder Keg (E) in their wake. Eventually, they were engaged by an opposing Irelia player, who was quickly dispatched by the Gangplank. But the Irelia player did enough damage to bring the Gangplank player within an inch of their life, leaving them with under 20 percent HP as the opposing bottom lane pairing of Lucian and Pyke arrived at the skirmish. 

With minimal HP remaining on their target, all the duo had to do was clean up the skirmish and secure a one-for-one trade. Still, the Gangplank player was able to barely reposition themselves, temporarily getting away from the Lucian and Pyke players with Flash. The Pyke player quickly closed the gap, though, using Phantom Undertow (E) to dash into range of the Gangplank before casting Death From Below (R) to deal the would-be killing blow. 

But the Gangplank player came prepared, using the barrels they had set up earlier to lay a trap for the enemy assailants. As the opposing Pyke was at the midpoint of casting their ultimate, the Gangplank player used Parrrley (Q) to detonate their Powder Keg (E) and critically strike both the Pyke and Lucian players, erasing their entire health bars and walking away from the encounter with less than 10-percent HP.