League player uses Darius to solo an entire team and snag a quadra kill

The Hand of Noxus takes lives away.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player picked up a quadra kill with Darius in a one-vs-five situation—and they claim they were “just trying to run away.”

The player used the Hand of Noxus to whittle down their opponents, taking them all on and coming out on top. Despite being left with a sliver of health several times, Darius was the last one standing.

The play began when the opposing Rammus chased down Darius, taunting him directly into a Thresh hook. The enemy Yasuo then joined the fray, slashing and dashing his way toward the top laner. Even though the player’s life dropped to a near-fatal amount, Decimate (Q) paired with Sterak’s Lifeline passive kept Darius alive.

Malphite and Caitlyn also joined the fight. But after a couple of Qs and Hemorrhage stacks, Darius’ rampage began. The player used Noxian Guillotine on Malphite, followed by Rammus, taking out the two tanks in succession. They then set their eyes on Thresh, chasing the support down and taking them out quickly.

While the Yasuo player ran away, Caitlyn stayed to try and finish the fight. Though Darius’ health dropped extremely low again, he dashed at the AD carry, hit them with a Q, and executed them for the quadra kill.

The Darius player and their team went on to win the match shortly after.

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