League player shows how tanky Rell can be by surviving 10-second beatdown

"Rell has achieved immortality."

Image via Riot Games

The Iron Maiden simply won’t die.

A League of Legends player posted a video today showcasing how incredibly tanky Rell can be. In a one-vs-four situation, the support was able to cling to their life for over 10 seconds until reinforcements arrived.

The play began when Rell dove into three enemies at the dragon pit. The enemy Lee Sin quickly kicked her into a corner before Aatrox and Thresh joined in. The opposing Lux was also slinging abilities from over the wall, adding to the damage. But the Iron Maiden didn’t even break a sweat.

The player used Magnet Storm (R) to stall for a bit, pulling the enemies closer to them. They then cast Redemption on themselves to heal up a bit, followed by Locket of the Iron Solari and the Guardian rune shield. Rell also weaved in auto attacks, which steal 10 percent of the enemy’s armor and magic resistance. The result was one tanky teenager.

Eventually, the cavalry arrived. The Rell player and their team were able to turn the fight around, take out three opponents, and ultimately win the match.

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