League player secures quadra kill from base with a little help from Baron

Press R to win.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player picked a quadra kill by simply sitting in base and letting loose their ultimate ability. 

In a clip posted earlier today, a Gangplank player used their ultimate, Cannon Barrage, to lock down a quadra kill from halfway across the map. By simply sitting in base and letting the ultimate fly, the Gangplank player was able to snag a quadra kill while their targets died to the combined might of the Cannon Barrage and Baron. 

The Gangplank player’s team had secured the Scuttle Crab several moments earlier, giving them vision of the enemy team while they were taking down Baron. Once they noticed that the enemy team’s players were all getting low on HP, the Gangplank player unleashed their ultimate in an attempt to secure a few kills. 

Upon initial impact, the Cannon Barrage (R) secured two kills over its 12-second duration, leaving two other players severely wounded and forcing them to peel off of the Baron. But the opposing team’s jungler stayed headstrong and made an attempt to finish the objective. The rest of their team left them to die, however. And by the time their teammates returned to the pit, the Baron’s damage was too much to withstand and the team was wiped while Nashor survived with a measly 300 HP.

Since Gangplank’s ultimate dealt a significant amount of damage during the encounter and only a few seconds passed in between the opposing players’ deaths and the casting of the ability, the Gangplank player was awarded a quadra kill for their efforts. Perhaps if they had waited an extra second or two, they could have stolen the Baron as well.

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