League player secures pentakill in under 3 seconds in ARAM game

Five kills at the speed of sound.

Image via Riot Games

Almost every League of Legends player has seen a pentakill that takes an egregiously long time to secure—one where the process of tracking down all five champions in a teamfight takes much longer than the act of actually killing them. But for every one of those pentakills, there’s one that’s wrapped up in a matter of seconds to balance things out. 

One League player snagged a pentakill in an ARAM game in under three seconds and posted a clip of their play to Reddit earlier today. 

In the clip, a Jarvan IV player had been looking down the Howling Abyss’ single lane at five enemy champions—all of whom had relatively low health at the start of the clip. After one of Jarvan IV’s teammates, an Orianna player, landed a picturesque Command: Shockwave (R) on four of the enemy team’s players, the Jarvan player went in for the teamfight. 

The play was set up with a Cataclysm (R) from the Jarvan player to keep the enemy team in place, quickly followed up by the classic Demacian Standard (E), Dragon Strike (Q) combo that Jarvan IV is famous for. Once those three abilities had been laid down, only two enemy champions remained on the map. A quick usage of the active ability from the Ironspike Whip in Jarvan’s inventory finished off the final two players. 

What’s most impressive is that the Jarvan player needed less than three seconds to use all of those abilities, while lacing in two auto attacks to secure all five kills in the teamfight. Of course, supplemental damage from their teammates helped seal the deal, but the ability to secure five succinct kills within a matter of seconds helped make for one of the fastest possible pentakills a League player can obtain.

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