League player pulls off dramatic one-shot kill with Jhin

The "one shot, one kill" approach is one of League's oldest lost art forms.

Image via Riot Games

The term “one-shot” is thrown around loosely among League of Legends players, so seeing an actual one-shot kill—one where only one ability or auto attack is used—is a rare occurrence. 

In a clip posted to Reddit last night, a League player pulled off a traditional 100-to-zero one-shot kill with Jhin. They only needed one auto attack to dispatch an enemy player. 

In the clip, the Jhin player carefully approached an enemy Zed, who had been taking their own Gromp camp in an effort to catch up to the enemy team in both gold and experience. When the Jhin player engaged the Zed, there was a four-level difference between the two players. That difference in levels was one of the major contributing factors that allowed Jhin to effectively one-shot the Zed player. 

In addition to the heavy discrepancy in levels, the Jhin player had an advantage in items, as well as an Infernal Soul buff and Elder Dragon bonus. In fact, the Elder Dragon’s bonus effect wasn’t even needed to kill off the enemy Zed. The 1,387 damage dealt by one auto attack from Jhin was enough to erase 100 percent of the Zed player’s health pool. By the time the Elder Dragon’s animation went off, the Zed player was already dead.

Perhaps what was most impressive about the Jhin player’s burst damage, though, is that a fourth shot from Jhin’s passive, Whisper, wasn’t even needed to deal the killing blow. Once the Jhin player recorded the kill, they stood motionless over the scene of the crime for nearly four whole seconds—no doubt thinking about the immense power they displayed.

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