League player experiments with Rammus’ new ultimate on PBE after acquiring over 10,000 movement speed

There's still some evident kinks to work out before Rammus' rework ships later this year.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player accumulated over 10,000 movement speed in a game on the Public Beta Environment, using the exorbitant stat line in combination with Rammus’ reworked ultimate ability. 

In a recently posted clip, a Rammus player fully charged up Powerball (Q), combining the ability with a cast of Ghost. For extra security, Rammus was sped up by Zilean’s Time Warp (E), Kayle’s Celestial Blessing (W), Lulu’s Whimsy (W), and Sivir’s ultimate, On the Hunt (R). With three Summoner Heals in tow as well, the Rammus player had the near-perfect team composition around them to stack as much movement speed as possible. 

But the 10,000 movement speed power spike didn’t pay off exactly as planned. The point of impact for Rammus’ new ultimate, which allows the champion to essentially “jump” over terrain and knock up enemy champions upon landing, is bogged down by a hard cap on the PBE.

The cap definitely works against the idea of stacking movement speed since Rammus players can experience a strange interaction that causes the champion to continue floating above the map before landing on the ground. 

Riot evidently didn’t plan for Rammus players to stack movement speed. The ability, in its current form, causes Rammus to deal damage at the capped location but continuously overshoot the landing and fly halfway across the map as he did in the clip. 

The ability still works as intended if your movement speed isn’t astronomical. But if Rammus players exceed the cap—a number that’s still unknown at this time—they’ll experience a bizarre interaction that causes the champion to fly halfway across Summoner’s Rift.

You can test out the reworked Rammus on the PBE right now.

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