League player earns 4 quick kills in 1-vs-4 tower dive

Making the best of a difficult situation.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, a four-player tower dive usually spells death for whoever is on the receiving end. One League player, though, found a way to walk away from a near-death situation during a tower dive with four kills of their own.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player secured four much-needed kills while facing a one-vs-four skirmish under their own tower. In the clip, the player was playing Ashe and lost their lane partner early on in the fight. With four enemy players barreling into the bottom lane from two separate angles, the Ashe player had to think quickly and swap between targets as nearly the entire enemy team attacked them at once. 

As soon as their lane partner, a Braum player, went down in the early phase of the tower dive, the Ashe player swung back by grabbing a kill of their own, taking down the enemy support for an even trade. At that point, the two teams were square in a one-for-one trade. But the Ashe player wasn’t finished and they continued to take shots at the enemy team. 

Through the use of Ranger’s Focus (Q) and Volley (W), the Ashe player was able to keep their assailants at bay and slow down the tower dive, forcing the enemy team back into the bottom-side jungle. Additionally, a quick cast of Heal gave the Ashe player enough bonus health and movement speed to kite an enemy Garen, the only champion who had been a higher level than the Ashe player during the tower dive. 

Once the opposing Garen player was taken care of, the Ashe player’s cooldowns came back up. This gave them a prime opportunity to use Volley (W) once again, this time on the enemy Pyke and Miss Fortune players, who were making an attempt to run away from the fight.

The Miss Fortune player died from Volley’s damage, while the Pyke player needed an extra auto attack from the Ashe player to go down and put a bow on the failed dive. On the other side of the fight, the already-fed Ashe player earned their well-deserved ninth kill of the game just 13 minutes into the contest.  

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