League player discovers new Alistar double knock-up combo

Opponents won't know what hit them.

League of Legends is a game with endless possibilities and players keep discovering new interactions with items and champions constantly.

Today, a player shared a clip of a new Alistar double knock-up combo, which can be devastating to opponents if used correctly.

The combo uses a combination of spell buffering alongside an item with a cast time. In the example above, the League player used Ironspike Whip which has a small cast animation to enable this tactic.

In order for it to work correctly, you need to start the combo by casting W, then press the active item, then press Q, but cancel it with a right-click before it goes off. This allows you to stun the target without displacing them, allowing for follow-up with Q and passive later on for a huge CC chain.

In the past, Alistar had such a type of interaction with Recall, but it was fixed during Patch 8.24 because it allowed players to create unintended and long CC chains with the champion. It’s likely that if this tactic gets popularized, it will get hotfixed since it replicates the same idea of canceling the displacement from W, which is unintended.

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