League player discovers nearly inescapable Kayn/Fiddlesticks combination in Ultimate Spellbook

An Umbral Crowstorm, if you will.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player uncovered what may just be the most unbeatable combination of ultimates in the game’s Ultimate Spellbook mode. Ultimate Spellbook allows players to replace one of their Summoner Spells with another champion’s ultimate, effectively giving you the chance to use two ultimate abilities in tandem with one another. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player showed off the combination of Kayn’s ultimate, Umbral Trespass, with Fiddlesticks’ ultimate, Crowstorm.

In the clip, the Fiddlesticks player begins to approach the top lane for a gank on an enemy Ashe, who had been retreating from an earlier skirmish with Fiddlesticks. The Fiddlesticks player has their own ultimate, Crowstorm, as well as the extra ultimate ability supplied to them by the game mode off-cooldown and ready to use. As they approach the top lane, where the enemy Ashe player can be seen moving under their tower and channeling Recall, the Fiddlesticks player emerges from the bush with Crowstorm (R) active. 

A moment later, the Fiddlesticks player uses Umbral Trespass, Kayn’s ultimate, to physically attach themselves to the Ashe player. Umbral Trespass allows the player to literally transport themselves into the body of their target, allowing them to share a singular space on Summoner’s Rift throughout its duration. 

While the Fiddlesticks player wis inside the Ashe player via Kayn’s ultimate, Crowstorm is still dealing damage on a consistent basis. The Ashe player is completely unable to get away from Fiddlesticks thanks to Kayn’s ultimate, and the damage from Crowstorm slowly ticks away their health bar. To make matters worse, players are untargetable while using Umbral Trespass, meaning the top lane turret can’t even damage the Fiddlesticks while they effectively delete their opponent. 

The clip came to a close with Umbral Trespass dealing its own damage to wrap up the kill on the enemy Ashe while the Fiddlesticks player was ejected from their target.