League player discovers bug where Qiyana’s abilities fail to register

Things definitely aren't working as intended.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player has discovered a bug revolving around Qiyana where some of the champion’s attacks are simply passing right through enemy players. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player uncovered a bug in which Qiyana’s Edge of Ixtal (Q) passes through enemy champions and deals zero damage. 

In the clip, the Qiyana player was engaged in a one-vs-one battle with an enemy Viego but made the decision to call upon one of their teammates for assistance. By the time their teammate, an Evelynn player, came to the rescue, the enemy Viego had already dealt a significant amount of damage to the Qiyana player. Luckily, the Qiyana had exactly six hit points remaining—just enough to begin a getaway attempt. 

As they sprinted away from the encounter, the Qiyana player tried to lace two Edge of Ixtal (Q) casts in between each of their movement inputs. The Viego player had very little HP and if the two casts of the ability would have dealt damage properly, there was a chance that the Qiyana player could have turned the fight around. Instead, they were killed emphatically by the Viego, who eventually caught up to them and secured a 1,000 gold shutdown bonus for their team. 

It’s unclear what the cause of the bug is or if it’s specifically activated in encounters between Qiyana and Viego. Riot Games has not addressed or made a statement of acknowledgment regarding this bug. 

Riot has plans to reintroduce Qiyana back into the competitive meta with a substantial series of buffs in the upcoming release of Patch 11.18. The League World Championship is scheduled to be played on Patch 11.19 later this year. If, in fact, this bug is centered around Qiyana, it’d be in the developer’s best interest to solve the issues at hand before the champion sees her play rate increase due to her impending buffs. 

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