League player almost kills recalling Singed but gets punished by turret

Singed prefers his drinks shaken, not stirred. But he’s not picky about kills.

Image via Riot Games

There are a few unwritten rules in League of Legends. And among those, there’s one that this Yone player forgot: Don’t chase the enemy Singed.

One League player shared a clip from a game that will teach every summoner this all-important lesson. A Yone player found a successful exchange in the top lane, chasing away the enemy Singed. But neither demonic swords nor Ignite could defeat the Mad Chemist. 

After a one-vs-one trade in the top lane, the Singed player was at a disadvantage and forced to recall to base with almost no mana or health. The duel seemed to be over and the enemy Yone looked to take advantage of his lead by pushing his minions under the opponent’s tower. But the Unforgotten then saw his opponent recalling under the tower with low health—and that’s when his greed took over.

Yone flashed under the tower to try to deliver the final blow to Singed and ignited his opponent to make sure he took him down. But the Mad Chemist flew off with his bees to the fountain just a fraction of a second before suffering the fatal blow, leaving his opponent to the mercy of tower shots. 

With his health already depleted by the initial exchange of blows from Singed, Yone’s fate was sealed. All he could do was wait for his downfall under the enemy tower and, finally, unbind his soul. 

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