League of Legends team refuses to end game, quickly wind up suffering defeat

The showboating cost them the match.

Everyone loves to style on the opposition after a dominant performance in League of Legends, but for one team during a recent game, this showboating ultimately led to a sure win disappearing from within their grasp.

With almost a 20 kill lead and a massive 10k gold advantage, the red team secured an ace. Instead of taking out the Nexus themselves, they’d stand around while the minions got the job done, a decision they’d come to regret.

After respawning, the Blue team immediately pounced on red, managing to take out four of their players bwith a lone Swain left to deal the final blows to the Nexus. But this wasn’t enough.

While some of the team defended the Nexus from the remaining minions, other members made their way to the opposing team’s base, taking out the final tower and dealing substantial damage to the Nexus.

With both team’s respective Nexus exposed, the blue team’s Kindred and Taric took it upon themselves to sneak through the jungle and end the game. Despite the red teams’ best defensive efforts, Taric was able to grant Kindred enough defensive buffs to get the job done and secure victory.

While the post-game chat wasn’t shown in the clip, there’s no doubt the enemy team was kicking themselves for not finishing the game when they had the chance.

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Ryan Galloway
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