League of Legends team pulls off comeback victory thanks to one epic play

The team were at a 16 kill and 9,000 gold deficit.

Image via Riot Games

Winning in League of Legends is influenced by a variety of factors including, though one play can often determine the outcome of the game entirely.

In a clip shared to Reddit, one team showed off their resilience and ability to take over with a perfectly executed wombo-combo.

Down 16 kills and 9,000 gold, things weren’t looking great for the blue team. The red team looked to take their final push down the mid lane, though the blue team was able to beat them back off the tower, continuing their pursuit with a perfectly placed flash and Ferromancy: Crash Down.

Once this move was in place, the rest of the team dove in on the action with Gnar transforming providing some further CC as he entered the action. Diana also immediately entered the battle while Kai’Sa and Miss Fortune remained on the backline dealing huge damage to the group of enemies.

Things were looking competitive until Miss Fortune launched her Bullet Time, decimating the group of enemies and quickly turning the fight and ultimately the game.

As evident from the game timers at the bottom of the spectator screen, this play changed the momentum entirely allowing the blue team to string together some offense and eventually win the game. This clip proves that even when you’re down on the numbers, some resilience and teamwork can potentially earn you a win.