League of Legends servers currently experiencing disconnect issues

Be careful when loading up a game, you may get unexpectedly disconnected

UPDATE: Riot has announced that the issues are caused by incompatibilities with the Avast antivirus software and recommends that you change antivirus software in order to ensure a stable connection until the error is fixed

If your mid lane gank was interrupted by an “Attempting to Reconnect” screen, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

All 11 League of Legends servers seem to be experiencing significant connection issues for players in matches. If you want to be sure of being able to complete your game, waiting until this issue is fixed is probably the best way to avoid any ill-timed disconnects.

The issue doesn’t seem to be related to ping or latency, but something on Riot Games’ servers that is making it extremely difficult for players to maintain connection to their games. This isn’t unusual in and of itself, but the fact that all servers are suffering from the same issue implies that it is a deep-seated issue on Riot’s side.

Furthermore, what is particularly strange about this error is Riot haven’t taken their usual step of disabling ranked queues to preserve the integrity of the system. It’s extremely frustrating for players of all ranks to be in their promos or important ranked matches and then be disconnected through no fault of their own, most likely dooming their teammates to a loss and having disastrous consequences on their climb to the top

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be disconnected, hopefully Riot will fix the issue soon and you can once again load up on to the Rift to finish off that pesky Yasuo who seems to always survive by infuriatingly small margins.

While you wait, Riot just announced their new gamemode so go check out our coverage of that here.