League of Legends Rank Distribution Explained | LoL Solo Queue Rank Distribution

There's far fewer players ranked Platinum and above than you may think.

Image via Riot Games

Millions of League of Legends players take part in ranked solo queue games each season, with each of them on a quest to rank up and eventually reach the game’s highest tiers. Unfortunately, not many players ever have the chance to ascend into League’s most prestigious ranks. 

League stats tracking site League of Graphs keeps an up-to-date count of each rank’s population and how it compares to the overall player base of ranked League. The distribution of players across each of the game’s nine ranks is incredibly stark, with most League players sitting in the lower half of the ranked ladder. Only a select few ever climb high enough to reach the upper echelons of ranked League

Here is how League’s region-wide player base is distributed over the game’s nine ranks, according to League of Graphs. 

Full League of Legends rank distribution 

  • Challenger: 0.013 percent
  • Grandmaster: 0.032 percent
  • Master: 0.17 percent 
  • Diamond: 1.7 percent 
  • Platinum: 9.7 percent
  • Gold: 23 percent
  • Silver: 34 percent
  • Bronze: 25 percent
  • Iron: 4.7 percent
Image via Riot Games

A majority of the player base can be found in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with 82 percent of all players between those three ranks. Gold IV is one of the most populated divisions in the game, according to League of Graphs, most likely because it serves as the cutoff for each season’s Victorious skin. Players who are only in it for the end-of-season ranked rewards usually strive to hit Gold IV and call it a season. 

Perhaps most stunning is that a combined less than one percent of the total player base plays in the Challenger, Grandmaster, and Master tiers. Despite making up a third of the available ranks in the game, only a handful of players ever make it that high in their ranked climb. About two percent of the game’s player base is ranked Diamond or higher.  

Although Platinum is technically the halfway point between the game’s lower ranks and upper ranks, there is an intensely uneven number of players who populate the game’s lower ranks compared to the upper reaches. If you’ve ever wondered why you very rarely play with the same players two games in a row, it’s likely because there are so many who share the same rank as you.