League of Legends Russia introduces ‘looking for friends’ feature, includes option to find ‘similar’ players

What's not to like?

Image via Riot Games

Riot Russia has found a solution for lonely players.

A “looking for friends” feature recently added to the League of Legends client gives players the option to team up with strangers.

In its beta phase, the feature includes a profile that lists information about the player, like their availability on weekdays and weekends, their preferred lane, and favorite game mode. It also has a voice chat option, a link to their OP.GG, and their rank by default.

Screengrab via Riot Games

If necessary, players can choose to make their profiles private. But for those seeking friendship, there’s an option to search for similar players through the system’s database. If they’re looking for a support player that’s free in the evenings on the weekends, Gold II or higher, and has access to Discord, they can tailor the search system to that specification. 

The looking for friends feature may not be a permanent addition to the game and is only available for players that have access to the Russian servers. It was originally discovered by Reddit user papu16

Screengrab via Riot Games

If it does turn out to be a success, though, there’s nothing stopping Riot from adding the feature to the North American and European servers. The option to find new friends would surely be well received. 

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