League of Legends players create a zoo on the Rift with all kinds of jungle monsters

Syndra made it all possible.

Image via Riot Games

Several League of Legends players created a diverse zoo on Summoner’s Rift featuring almost every jungle monster in the game. 

It’s important to remember that League can be a fun game, especially when the enemy team agrees to let loose from competition once in a while. Today several League players created a zoo enclosure in the dragon pit with almost every monster you could possibly think of. 

From Raptors to Rift Scuttler, the Summoner’s Rift zoo enclosure had it all. There were Krugs, Murk Wolves, and even a Red Brambleback. But, of course, a zoo enclosure on the Rift wouldn’t be complete without the Cloud Dragon. 

Each player seemingly played their part in securing each monster, but there is one champion that can do it all. Syndra’s W, Force of Will, allows her to pick up jungle monsters and throw them to a desired location, which deals damage. Usually players would utilize Syndra’s W to attack enemy champions or steal away a buff, so building a zoo enclosure isn’t usually the champion’s purpose. 

After each monster was thrown into the dragon pit, Anivia used her W, Crystallize, to consistently build frozen ice walls to ensure the monsters did not escape the enclosure and return back to their spawn points. 

This zoo enclosure wouldn’t usually be possible in a game of Ranked. But the URF gamemode offers the perfect conditions: low cooldowns and mana-wielding champs without restrictions.