League of Legends players are experiencing major service outages across multiple regions

People aren't able to log in and the client isn't working at all.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been suffering from some loading issues in League of Legends, you aren’t alone. There have been multiple reports saying that there’s a service outage at Riot Games, which is causing several problems with the League client and game.

According to Riot’s service status page, login attempts are constantly failing, while lobbies and parties are also bugged and aren’t working either. Some players have said that the client is completely broken, with most of it either black or unclickable. People have even lost LP due to their clients crashing in the middle of champion select, which counted toward a dodge.

In fact, any website that requires a Riot log-in isn’t working right now. Instead of seeing the regular sign-in form, a screen pops up that says “an unknown error has occurred.” The bug reporting site isn’t working, either—people have gotten error messages on it, too.

North America, Oceania, and the Public Beta Environment servers have all been affected by the outage. Both European servers, South Korea, and Brazil are all unscathed, though. Riot said that it’s working on a fix for the server issues, but a timeline hasn’t been given yet.

All we can do is wait for more news from Riot support while the team tries to rectify whatever went wrong with the servers behind-the-scenes.