League of Legends player uses URF cannon to hit a monster-range Zoe Q


Image via Riot Games

It seems like League of Legends players have been finding some innovative uses for the All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) mode’s Champion Cannon.

One League player posted a hilarious video on Reddit last night showcasing the typical URF chaos that fans have grown to love. Using the Champion Cannon, the player hit a long-range Zoe Paddle Star (Q) and delivered a final blow to an unsuspecting opponent.

Casting the Q before jumping into the cannon ensures that the projectile will travel the entire distance with the Aspect of Twilight. The enemy Sett must’ve not been privy to this information, however. They took the full damage and earned themselves a one-way ticket to the gray screen.

Though the play was certainly impressive, Zoe’s Paddle Star caps out at a specific distance. The most damage the projectile can deal is 150 percent of the total damage even if you hit it from one side of the Nexus to the other.

This isn’t the first time players have been able to find creative ways to increase Zoe’s Q distance.

Former pro Danny “Shiphtur” Le used an ally Ryze’s ultimate to completely wipe out the enemy AD carry with a Paddle Star.

Players looking to pull off some more insane URF plays should jump in while they can. The game mode won’t be around forever.