Shiphtur delivers long-distance Zoe Q using Ryze’s ultimate in League of Legends

"I've got a magic present for you. Here it comes."

Image via Riot Games

How far can Zoe’s Q travel? Well, former League of Legends pro Danny “Shiphtur” Le might have an answer.

Shiphtur showcased exactly how far Zoe’s Paddle Star (Q) can fly during his Twitch broadcast today. With the help of an ally Ryze, the Canadian streamer delivered a long-distance projectile that absolutely destroyed the enemy AD carry.

While storming the enemy base, Shiphtur’s team eliminated two opponents quickly. But with two enemies running away, Ryze used his Realm Warp (R) to close the gap and secure a potential victory.

Before the teleportation went through, however, Shiphtur cast Zoe’s Q in hopes of finding a target. This allowed the projectile to travel the full distance of Ryze’s ultimate and deliver a devastating blow to the enemy Jhin, one-shotting the AD carry.

“Woah,” Shiphtur yelled. “Wait, that was sick. Holy shit, I didn’t know that would actually work. But that was actually sick.”

Even though the play looked impressive, the maximum damage Zoe’s Paddle Star can deal is capped at 150 percent no matter the distance.

Fans eager to catch the former pro tackle solo queue can tune into his Twitch channel where he’s now live preparing for his Twitch Rivals match.

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