League of Legends player shares epic, fan-made Attack on Titan crossover

Complete with the iconic AoT theme song.

Image via Riot Games

For Attack on Titan fans, Sundays mean only one thing: a new weekly episode of their favorite show.

Yesterday, however, one fan of the anime brought their love of the series to the League of Legends community. The fan, TwoMuchBlue, recreated Attack on Titan’s season four opening in the MOBA using the League Director.

The video follows the season four opening of the anime series, complete with its iconic title song. It’s full of explosions, close-up shots of Summoner’s Rift, many of League’s most beloved champions, and an army of minions marching their way down lanes.

Fans can check out the full video from TwoMuchBlue’s YouTube page.

Attack on Titan is in its fourth and final season. The series has been full of unexpected twists and incredible animations from various studios. Episodes are released weekly on Sundays, but last week’s episode was delayed due to an earthquake in Japan. The 14th episode will instead release today alongside this week’s episode, giving fans a double dose of titans after a weeklong dry spell.

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The two episodes are scheduled to arrive on streaming platforms at 2:45pm CT today.

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