League player secures quadra kill with one ability in an ARAM

The Piercing Arrow ripped right through the enemy team.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player recently took down four enemies with a single ability in an ARAM game on Howling Abyss.

In a clip posted last night, a League player who was playing Varus snagged a quadra kill by casting one Piercing Arrow (Q) through four low-health members of the enemy team.

While pushing the enemy team’s second-tier tower, the Varus player and their team found themselves engaged in a five-vs-four teamfight. Several players on each team were low on health, but the Varus player’s team had a significantly beefier frontline, giving them an advantage in the ensuing skirmish. 

One of Varus’ teammates, a Shen player, was able to land a fight-altering Shadow Dash (E) that taunted and locked up two enemy players. 

Additionally, an enemy Amumu player used Bandage Toss (Q) to recklessly dive into the fight and line up the perfect quadra kill for Varus. From there, the Piercing Arrow (Q) came screaming from the backline to rip through the enemy team.

Although the teamfight was already practically won, the instant quadra kill was the icing on the cake that allowed the Varus player to quickly win the teamfight and allow their team to continue on with their siege.

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