League of Legends player creates Lego Fiddlesticks

Image stepping on this thing in the middle of the night.

Image via Riot Games

The spookiest champion in League of Legends is getting reworked. Fiddlesticks, the walking, talking, screeching scarecrow, is set to receive a new kit alongside a much scarier look.

To celebrate the release of Fiddlesticks’ upcoming rework, a player named Jayfa built the champion out of Lego. It’s surprisingly realistic, complete with a hood, a large metal scythe, pitchfork feet, and a mechanical exoskeleton. It’s almost perfect. It’s missing a few details here and there, but other than that, it’s spot on. 

Image via JayfaJoss

The creator also made a Lego Rek’Sai almost four years ago—he even won first prize in a competition on the Oceanic server. It doesn’t have the same detail or personality as the Fiddlesticks creation, but it’s still impressive. 

Since then, Fiddlesticks has been the only other champion that Jayfa has made out of Lego. There could be more in store, however. 

The Fiddlesticks rework has been a long time coming, but after over a year of stalling, he’s finally ready to be released. The champion’s abilities are a huge improvement over his old kit, which could make him more of a viable pick in the metagame. He should be a good choice for the jungle or even the support position. 

Fiddlestick’s kit revolves around getting the jump on his opponents. If he can surprise his enemy mid laner or outmaneuver his enemy jungler when he’s out of combat, he deals double the damage. His passive is also excellent for all levels of play, giving him a vision advantage and forcing his enemies to tread lightly. The new Fiddlestacks has the potential to dominate the Rift. 

The official release date for the Fiddlesticks rework has yet to be revealed by Riot. The champion, however, is expected to pop up on the PBE any day now.