League of Legends Patch 8.18 jungle tier list

Time to climb.

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Patch 8.18 arrived in League of Legends last week, and the game’s meta was shaken enough to warrant some jumps throughout the ladder. The tier list for the jungle specifically, however, was a different story.

Sejuani and Trundle, two extremely popular junglers in pro play, were nerfed. But, luckily for most people, that didn’t affect solo queue all that much because they aren’t played nearly as much there. There were a few shifts in power for solo queue as players figure out winning strategies on certain champions, like the resurgence of Rammus and Evelynn, but for the most part, things look about the same.

Five strongest junglers to play in Patch 8.18


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Graves has been at the top for a few months now, following several sets of buffs to him over the course of the season. We don’t expect he’ll be nerfed very hard, either, because he’s one of the only damage dealers still with any power in pro play. That being said, we expect he’ll stay at the top for at least a couple of months, making now a great time to pick him up. He’s a little difficult, though, so be warned.


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Despite being in such a weak spot for most of the season, Kayn seems to have found some ground to stand on in Patch 8.18. He was buffed a while ago, but we expect the recent uptick in his success may have something to do with more people playing him and realizing that he’s actually pretty strong. He’s easy to play, versatile, and exremely mobile. There aren’t many situations that Kayn can’t fit well into.


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As far as tanks go, there aren’t many as easy to play as Rammus. So, when his resistance boosts were increased in recent patches, his combination of accessibility with newfound raw power makes him very effective in solo queue. With a point-and-click taunt and a long-duration speed boost, it’s hard to mess him up and not many average players know how to deal with him.


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Evelynn hasn’t been in a great spot meta-wise since her update last fall, but during the last half of the season, she’s found a good home at the top. She has high damage, her camouflage forces players to buy red wards (which low elo players never do), and when played correctly, she can be an absolute menace. Her jungle pathing and kiting strategy are unlike most other champions, so she has a bit of a learning curve.


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Jax has seen more and more play time in North American solo queue lately as players have figured out just how strong he is, but he isn’t quite as popular as Graves or Kayn. This makes him a relatively hidden OP champion, and we doubt he’ll be nerfed soon or banned in most games, making him a safe but strong pick. He’s pretty easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Once you’ve gotten used to timing his E with your engages and using ward-hops, you’ll get the hang of it.