Omegasquad skins are coming to League of Legends

Teemo finally has some backup.

Image via Riot Games

New skins for Twitch, Veigar, Tristana, and Fizz have been teased on a League of Legends Facebook page for the long rumored Omegasquad set.

Omegasquad Twitch, Veigar, and Fizz were part of a long list of leaked skins that came out back in April. Tristana, however, was not a part of that leaked list—but was teased during the SKT Skin promo video in June.

The leaked list also referenced the Angelblade Riven and Demonblade Yasuo skins that were released as part of the mission update in June. The only skins left on that leaked list are Star Guardian skins, which fans will be hoping to see sooner rather than later.

The Omegasquad skins have been a long time coming. Teemo’s Omegasquad skin was released back in April 2015 and players have been waiting a long time to see more Yordles join the squad.

All the Omegasquad skins will be receiving chromas at launch with each skin having four additional colors for players to choose from.

Omegasquad Fizz

Omegasquad Twitch

Omegasquad Tristana

Omegsquad Veigar

The new skins are likely to cost 1350 RP each at launch and should arrive as part of patch 7.15.