League of Legends’ NA server having issues with logins and lobby creation

The EU West server sends its regards.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans eager to play during the COVID-19 pandemic will have to wait a bit for the servers to stabilize.

A message on the Riot Service Status page today shows that ranked queues are disabled and there’s “a problem causing login attempts to fail.” The internet is experiencing increased web traffic, which leads to problems with logins and starting games on League’s servers. Though the timing is poor, considering most of the world is at home during the quarantine as a result of COVID-19, the two occurrences are strongly linked.

“Ranked queues are temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue that’s negatively impacting games,” Riot said today at 4:23pm CT.

Fans are getting an error message when they attempt to create a lobby. If you had success after your 10th attempt to log in, know that the fun is just beginning.

European fans are experiencing packet losses as well. Some players are even encountering the same log-in issues and errors when trying to create a lobby.

This situation is here to stay for the near future since the global internet structure isn’t prepared to handle so much traffic. The COVID-19 pandemic is a true test to everyone and everything, including Riot’s League servers.

Update April 6 7:37pm CT: League Lead Gameplay Producer Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee said servers all over the world should be coming back online.