League of Legends’ new Immortal Journey skins are beautiful, and available now

New skins are available for Master Yi, Janna, and Fiora.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ gorgeous new Immortal Journey skins are finally available.

Players were given their first look at these skins when they were uploaded to the PBE servers in early September—but now the skins are live. Master Yi, Fiora, and Janna all have beautiful pastel skins in this new cosmetic set. Icons, a ward, and bundles are also available.

Each skin has new visuals as well as new sound effects, as shown in the “Quest of the Sacred Sword.”

Eternal Sword Yi

Image via Riot Games

“The master swordsman spent years wandering in search of the Sacred Sword, pushing ever closer to its secrets. He is a petal falling from the sky, his path shaped by the winds of fate.”

Eternal Sword Yi costs 1,350 RP.

Soaring Sword Fiora

Image via Riot Games

“The masterful fencer followed in the footsteps of Eternal Blade Yi, advancing on her path as swiftly as a crane in flight. Through her extraordinary talent and ambition, she aims to surpass the swordsman in his quest.”

Soaring Sword Fiora costs 1,350 RP.

Sacred Sword Janna

Image via Riot Games

“The protection of the boundary between this world and the next falls to the beautiful keeper of the Sacred Sword, who drew it from the mountain lake at the world’s edge long ago.”

Sacred Sword Janna costs 1,350 RP.

The Divine Sword Ward is available for 640 RP, while the four new icons are 250 RP each. Chroma bundles are also available for each champion.