League of Legends fan creates incredible Elderwood Qiyana skin concept

Qiyana has never looked better.

A League fan has taken their love for their favourite champion and created a brilliantly creative take on the Elderwood skin line.

The Elderwood Qiyana skin concept, created by artist Sarah Cho, perfectly encapsulates the spirit and whimsy of a storybook enchanted forest that the Elderwood skin line is known for.

Image via Sarah Cho’s Imgur.

The skin itself is reminiscent of the Elderwood LeBlanc skin. The artist says that some of her initial concepts were “based on satyrs and poison ivy/oak” but she eventually went for a “fairy or nymph vibe since nymphs are connected to the elements.”

The incredibly detailed final renders show Qiyana wrapped in a short leafy garb, adorned with tropical looking flowers and vines. Atop her head are small goat looking horns and a flowery crown. Her weapon, the Ohmlatl, is made of a circular thicket of thorny branches. It all comes together to give Qiyana a real princess of the forest vibe.

Image via Sarah Cho’s Imgur.

The artist even mocked up a few different colored versions that could work as chromas for the skin. These include a deep mauve alternative, a dark forest green, one purple and what looks to be a fall-inspired colorway.

The Elderwood skin line is currently very popular with the fans, due to the recent addition of skins for Rakan, Xayah and Ornn. There isn’t any plans to add further champions to the Elderwood line, even if champions like Qiyana look tailor-made and ready to be included.

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