League of Legends fan creates charming Heartseeker Rek’Sai skin concept

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends fan made a skin concept for Rek’Sai that will set your heart on fire.

The savvy artist posted their lovely creation on Reddit today in celebration of Valentine’s Day. The skin concept covers all of the burrowing queen’s animations, including her abilities, tunnels, and the marks she leaves on enemies.

Image via u/StopDropRollDie

Rek’Sai is draped in the typical Heartseeker hues seen in other skins, like those for Quinn and Ashe. A clean white is the dominant color with gold and red highlights, as well as a ruby heart mounted on her forehead.

When Rek’Sai burrows, the clever artist decided to use rose bushes for her tunnels. And the champion’s Prey Seeker ability (Q) when burrowed shoots out a heart that leaves a pink shark-fin mark on the target hit.

This isn’t the only Valentine’s Day skin concept created by a fan, though. Another fan posted their girlfriend’s creation on Reddit as well, giving the normally grotesque Urgot a makeover.

Post image
Image via u/AlarRay

The Heartcrusher Urgot skin is derivative of Cupid. His legs are replaced by a pink cloud and instead of the typical shotguns concealed on his limbs, heart-shaped arrows fire to help their targets fall in love.

If Riot devs are looking for new Valentine’s Day skin concepts, they don’t have to look any further.