League of Legends duo showcase Senna and Sion bot lane synergy

An epic play certainly caught the opponent by surprise.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends meta is more versatile than ever. And one bot lane duo proved why.

A League player posted a video on Reddit last night showcasing some stellar Senna and Sion chemistry. Using a well-timed combo, the bot lane was able to execute a heads up play and snag themselves a kill.

The play began with Senna casting her Last Embrace (W) on a minion, which roots surrounding targets. In order for the root to hit, however, the Sion had to use Roar of the Slayer (E) on the minion and launch it at the opposing Lux.

The result? A chain of crowd control (CC) and a kill for the home team.

This isn’t the first time Sion’s E has been used on a minion to bolster team synergy. Champions with bombs, such as Tristana and Zilean, can place the explosives on the units while the Undead Juggernaut slings it into the enemy team. Sions have also been known to troll Lee Sin players by throwing a minion under tower as the Blind Monk casts Resonating Strike (Q).

Senna has certainly revolutionized the bot lane since her launch, providing tons of damage and sustain to help marksman win the fray. Though she’s most commonly seen as a support, players have also experimented with Senna as an AD carry and in the mid lane.