League of Legends client teases upcoming content

A new season brings new content and information on the horizon for League.

Image via Riot Games

The newest season of League of Legends kicked off today and when you log into the client, you also get a taste of new content on the horizon.

The home screen displays the 2020 season cinematic trailer “Warriors,” which dropped yesterday. Underneath it, you’ll find six locks. Once you hover over these locks, they reveal artwork with text, giving fans a glimpse of what will soon be available. 

The locks, in order from left to right, show The Rift in 2020, Exploring Runeterra, Beta Season for Legends of Runeterra, Future of Teamfight Tactics, Sett Release, and Mecha Kingdoms event. On League’s website, it shows that one of these locks will open each day, revealing the information.

This isn’t to say League fans don’t already have an idea about some of this information, though. Riot Games announced in the notes for Patch 10.1 that Sett and his Mecha Kingdoms skin will release on Jan. 14, while the rest of the Mecha Kingdoms skins will be available on Jan. 15. That would lead one to believe the first lock will be opened today, with each content subsequently opening on the following days.

Legends of Runeterra, Riot’s digital card game based on the League universe, hasn’t been available to play since November when the last beta was held. With the information set to be released on day three, we could find out when the next beta starts as early as Sunday, Jan. 12. TFT is also in development for mobile, so that information could be an announcement on when the standalone version will drop as well as the already teased new set to release.

The start of a new League season always gets players excited to queue up for ranked and begin their climb up the ladder. This year, however, fans can also look forward to a lot of new content.