League of Legends and Uniqlo tease collaboration

Time to get in line.

Image via Riot Games

If you’re after some fresh League of Legends merchandise to rock on a future night out, you are in luck.

Clothing brand Uniqlo is teasing a collaboration with Riot’s MOBA in posts on League’s and Uniqlo’s social media. K/DA’s Ahri appears to be modeling the new threats in adverts.

The image and clothing in it are K/DA themed, however, it isn’t clear if this drop will be strictly limited to items related to the pop group.

League of Legends has been a part of many clothing collaborations, but some have been with high-end brands like Louis Vuitton that’s on the pricey side. Uniqlo is an affordable brand that is going to give most of the player base a shot at taking home some League-themed items.

The brand has been producing quality video game-inspired clothing for a while, whether it be collaborations with Pokémon or even Animal Crossing.

Currently, no news has been shared on when the drop will take place or how many items will be a part of it.

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