League of Dragonball: The heroes and villains!

The heroes of this story, Fnatic was once an evil alien sent to destroy us, but they conveniently forgot about all that in season 2 when the eastern teams came – plot twist, am I right? With their change of heart, they fight for the sake of the world, def

So basically, this idea just came up in a conversation and I thought it would be funny to put it into some form of an article and share it. Please don’t take it seriously, it’s just for fun. Also a note that this is written with Worlds in mind, for perspective. 

Fnatic is Goku

The heroes of this story, Fnatic was once an evil alien sent to destroy us, but they conveniently forgot about all that in season 2 when the eastern teams came – plot twist, am I right? With their change of heart, they fight for the sake of the world, defending us from the evil. Now, having harnessed their full potential (which they ironically achieved by absorbing the formerly villainous Koreans), they go forward seeking only bigger challenges.

Team SoloMid is Vegeta

The arrogant and talented princes of all League of Legends may be powerful, but as they continuously falter in attempts to be the strongest in the west we find TSM becoming more and more frustrated, recklessly changing their strategy in order to win by any means necessary — including absorbing the power of the Koreans. Despite their poor decisions, they retain good intentions and attempt to be a hero of this world, even if they seem incapable of keeping up with their rivals. 

Origen is Broly

What do you get when you throw all conceivable tactics out the window and just fight to kill again, and again, and one more time just to send a message? Well, you get a stereotypical Chinese team. Hah, no. You get Origen. In Europe, their fierce ability to skirmish pretty much makes them the equivalent of Broly: all brawn, no brain.

H2k-Gaming is Piccolo

After cutting off their dead limb, they regrew it stronger in the form of KaSing, whilst simultaneously absorbing the power Ryu had gained from touching Faker’s hand. This resulted in Super H2k, or alternatively, ‘The Nameless Team’. They now fight to protect the good and defend against evil. That, and every time KaSing throws a Thresh hook he shouts “dodge!” for some reason.

SK Telecom T1 is Majin Buu

When SKT first arrived on the scene, they were a bit silly. You weren’t quite sure if they were for real or not, and they annihilated absolutely everything. For the rest of the world looking on, they were the villains. These new, incredibly talented warriors seemed untouchable, yet naive to the world around them. When they finally conquered the world, they defeated the fragments of a new evil that was beginning to form: China. But much like SKT once were, this new evil proved tenacious, coming back stronger than ever — even absorbing some of the powers from fellow Korean teams. 

Ultimately, SKT’s turn to good is a sign of their desire to dominate — they will not let others stand in the way of their glory. Now, they may be our only hope to stop the Chinese overlords (Perfect Cell and Frieza, respectfully). 

Edward Gaming is Perfect Cell

Perfection in every role, EDG is almost the definition of a Gary Stu. Not only do they have a sexy voice, they seem to be the main cause for Koreans turning to the good side — they single handily absorbed all the evil from Korea and used it to power up, finally able to dominate their realm in unparalleled fashion whilst toying with their opposition. The forecast for the opponents of EDG: you’re screwed, you’re fighting against perfection. Although, their cockiness may be their downfall one day. 

LGD Gaming is Frieza

What do you get when you spend a split toying with your opponents and losing fights because you were goofing around? You get LGD! No, seriously, much like Frieza this team can spend an entire split getting hammered but will still ascend to a new and improved god form come playoffs and Worlds.                                  

Qiao Gu is Mr. Popo

To put it simply, nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing or how they got here. We only know that they’re omnipotent and probably stoned in all of their matches. That said, we don’t think they have a long attention span so just leave them alone, they’ll probably get bored. At least, we hope they do.

Counter Logic Gaming is Mercenary Tao

Still trapped in 1984 and can’t catch up, it’s been so long that every major villain has surpassed CLG and they’ve become a laughing stock. However, slap on some quick-fix robotic implants (or Koreans, whatever you wanna call them) and initiate program: revenge. Seriously though, we all know that Seraph was only on CLG so they could drain his Korean power from him and use it to create a new superpower. 

Enemy / NME is Hercule Satan

Well, against all odds this one is still around, and much like Mr. Satan they still sprout obnoxious things. Albeit not relevant on the world stage (or any), Hercule has proven time and time again that being non-relevant and a bumbling idiot doesn’t mean you can’t be a hero of the world. 

Riot Games is the Supreme Kai

They try to be the hero but more often than not get in the way. Despite this, they fight for good from behind the scenes, being unable to actually fight for real because all the other characters are stronger than them by this point. 

Faker is Beerus, God of Destruction

Once a villain, Faker is now the all-powerful overseer of the universe. It is by his hand who succeeds and who fails, and in this new role he must always remain unbiased. It is for this reason that while he may grant victories to SKT with his supreme power, there are occasions where he pities the opposition and to restore balance, sends Easyhoon forward in his stead. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that literally every other character in the universe is terrified of this guy.

Cloud9 is Gohan

Oh how the mighty have fallen. When they were younger, they were cool and one of the strongest characters in the series. Now, they’ve grown up to become practically useless.

Unicorns of Love / UoL is Krillin

They do weird shit which seems to work, and then a lot of weird shit that doesn’t. They look a little dorky and they think professing love is the answer to destroying the evil that has taken hold in our world. 

ahq e-Sports Club is Future Trunks

They arrive out of nowhere from futuristic Taiwan where ahq are 5-time World Champions and save our supporting cast from annihilation by quickly dispatching the most dangerous villain – LGD. We then never see the fucker be useful again.

Team Dignitas is Yamcha

Do we really need to explain this? Alright, a long time ago in a place that doesn’t really resemble what we know right now, Team Dignitas were cool. And much like Yamcha, they faded quickly to become a mere supporting character in their respective universes. 

Credit to Riot Games and Akira Toriyama, all images belong to their respective owners.

This article was written by Mitchell “Zeju” Smith. Please note that this entire article is just satire; it is not to be taken seriously. If you enjoyed this, you can follow the author on Twitter.

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