League fans voice discontent with ‘underwhelming’ Ashen Knight Pantheon skin

Many players believe this skin looks too similar to another recent Pantheon skin.

Image via Riot Games

A new Ashen Knight skin will soon be available for purchase in League of Legends, though many players are already very vocal about their opinions on the skin’s all-too-familiar feel.

Fans were quick to notice that many of the stylistic options for Pantheon’s new Ashen Knight skin bare striking resemblances to those from his Ruined skin, which hit live servers during last year’s Sentinels of Light event. While the Ashen Knights skin’s particles and effects have impressed fans, it’s these similarities to an Epic-tier skin that make its exclusivity as Mythic tier underwhelming.

For most fans, the most glaring issue stems from the design of the skin itself, with many acknowledging it as an expensive purple chroma of Ruined Pantheon. Others, comparing the skin to Ashen Knight Pyke, have expressed their discontent with Ashen Knight Pantheon being shirtless, since it does not align with the extensive armor Pyke wears in the same skinline.

As the skin has already been showcased, it is unlikely that it will receive any massive changes prior to its release to live servers. But should Riot agree with the sentiments of the community, it is possible that the skin may be delayed to a future patch, since it is part of a Mythic Essence shop-exclusive theme and not a seasonal one like the Ocean Song line.

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Pantheon joins Pyke as the only two recipients of Ashen Knight skins thus far, a skinline that debuted as part of the Mythic content overhaul a few months ago. The skin will be available for purchase from the Mythic Essence shop starting in Patch 12.12, expected to release on June 22.