League fans get a preview of Hecarim’s updated visual effects coming to the PBE

The Shadow of War's spooky update should hit the PBE soon.

Image via Riot Games

Hecarim is receiving some visual updates in the upcoming PBE cycles, according to League of Legends VFX artist Jason Chisolm.

The Shadow of War will get hoof prints for all skins, cleaner visuals for the Arcade skin, an updated fire tail that will no longer be solid, and enhanced thematic elements for most of his skins.

Image via Riot Games

Hecarim was released in 2012 and has maintained his core identity since then. While his visual effects were amazing for that period, they’ve become difficult for some modern League players to understand.

With Hecarim being a popular pick right now in the jungle role, this update makes sense. It should make the experience of playing with or against Hecarim more enjoyable since it can be hard to distinguish the range of some of his spells on the live servers.

With Patch 11.4 right around the corner, this visual update will most likely arrive on the live servers during Patch 11.5 unless significant bugs force Riot to delay the update.

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