League fans create impressive lamp shaped like a ward

What can the community not do?

If the League of Legends community is anything, it sure is creative.

It feels like there’s nothing that the community’s talented pool of creators couldn’t do, and we thought we had seen everything—until now.

Fans over on the Tegs et Shin CanUPrintIt Youtube channel have not only printed two of League of Legends‘ wards into life-size statues, but they have also ingeniously turned them both into actual lamps you can use in your house or beside your bed.

More impressively, they both actually glow as if they are official wards that have been placed in Summoner’s Rift. Talk about a new way of providing vision to light up the darkness.

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Both of the ward lamps are detailed perfectly and we would love to see the team over on Youtube create additional lamps on some of the more beloved ward skins that players use—Riot First Bump Ward, anyone?

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