League fan creates intricate High-Noonu and Willump skin concept

Giddy up, League players. “This way to... adventure!”

Image via Riot Games

Saddle up the horses—or in this case the yeti—and head for the Wild West with this fan-made League of Legends skin for Nunu and Willump.

The skin was shared on Reddit by user Zealousideal-Hat-319 but was originally posted on Arne R’s ArtStation. In the illustration, we can see the Freljord heroes travelling across the desert towards an “X” on what could be a treasure map.

The yeti has taken the form of a bull with long horns, but he still keeps his cute appearance thanks to a sunny smile. Next to Willump, the little hero Nunu points to the horizon with dreamy eyes and a new outfit worthy of a cowboy, complete with boots, leather gloves, and the unmistakable cowboy hat.

Image via Arne R. on ArtStation

In League’s universe, the Wild West is not an unknown theme. Players already have 18 skins of different champions that transport them to the High Noon universe. From Skarner to Darius, there’s at least one champion from each Runeterra’s region in the High Noon universe, with Ashe being the only one from the Freljord. But the High Noon universe is not for “little boys”; it’s teeming with demons, demon hunters, and inscrutable gods—which is why there will be absolutely no problem for Nunu since he “eats heroic deeds for breakfast.”

If this skin were to join the game, League players would need to look out for a cowboy and his friend playing with the Biggest Tumbleweed Ever.

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