League fan creates fantastic World Ender Vel’Koz artwork

"Such fascinating evolution."

Image via Riot Games

Creative people in the League of Legends community never seem to disappoint with their amazing concepts. One talented artist, Mohamed Saad, shared his reimagination for Vel’Koz yesterday that he named “The World Ender.”

The artist redesigned the popular mid and support champion as an evil god that rules the depths of the sea. It even has a slight Cthulhu vibe to it in a magical, post-apocalyptic world. 

Saad describes the person on the cliff as a League player who’s begging for Elo. 

Image via Mohamed Saad

He also added that he was inspired by one of his fellow members of the community who thought a Lovecraftian Vel’Koz concept would be cool.

The last Vel’Koz skin was released in 2015 and he’s in line to get a new skin in 2020, so fans of the champion may start getting hyped and hope that a design as intimidating as Saad’s World Ender Vel’Koz makes it into the game.

Fans of Saad can check out more of his art on DevianArt and Facebook.