League fan creates awesome Pool Party Jinx skin concept

"Now where was I? Oh, right, wreaking havoc."

Summer is right around the corner, which means League of Legends fans are getting excited for another batch of Pool Party skins.

A talented League player recently shared their reimagination for a Pool Party Jinx concept that they created with Steam Wallpaper Engine.

The artist redesigned the popular ADC with heavy water guns and water bombs. Caitlyn and Miss Fortune, who both have a Pool Party skins, are also in the background shooting alongside Jinx.

Though Jinx’s personality could overwhelm everyone at a pool party, Riot actually teased her in one of the Pool Party promos in 2013.

Image via Riot Games

The loading screen features an image that’s supposedly from Jinx’s point of view based on the tattoos seen on one character’s left arm. Some fans also think that it may not be Jinx, though, because her right arm is tattooed in other wallpapers and artwork.

Image via Alpha Coders

Regardless of whether it’s actually Jinx, there were also other champs featured in the initial Pool Party loading screen that are still waiting for their turn in the spotlight. Lux and Ahri are popular champs that could be next in line to join the group.

Riot tries its best to keep its skin concepts unbiased from the community’s desires. But after years of campaigning and begging for Star Guardian Urgot, the developer introduced the Pajama Guardian version of it last month. If the community plays its cards right, a cool Pool Party Jinx skin might not be too far off in the future.