League fan creates 3D statue of Faker ahead of this year’s Worlds Championship

League fans never disappoint.

Photo via Riot Games

League of Legends fans never fail to impress. Their creativity and inspiration are endless, leading to the creation of multiple concepts, reworks, and now statues.

A Reddit user shared their work yesterday, showcasing a Faker statue as a tribute to the legendary mid laner, hoping to inspire everyone to cheer for T1 on their quest to qualify for this year’s World Championship.

The short one-minute video posted on YouTube includes small highlights from Faker’s career while the camera slowly zooms in on the menacing statue of the 24-year-old. The video ends with encouragement for the legendary mid laner, saying “do it, all the way.”

Faker was subbed out in the second round robin of the 2020 LCK Summer Split in favor of rookie mid laner Clozer. While Faker was brought back in for some matches toward the end of the split, he didn’t perform up to his usual standards.

T1 were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by Afreeca Freecs and sent to the regional qualifiers to try to earn a spot in this year’s Worlds.

T1 will take on Afreeca Freecs tomorrow at 3am CT for a chance to face Gen.G for Korea’s last Worlds spot. Tune in to the official LCK channel to see if T1 can bounce back following their devastating loss in the playoffs and beat AFS this time around.

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