League devs want to make Rammus more of a ganking jungler


Image via Riot Games

Rammus is scheduled to receive a series of buffs to his kit in League of Legends Patch 12.15.

As revealed by Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead game designer for the game, the champion is expected to receive buffs to his ultimate. This includes a lower cooldown on all ranks—except level three—a higher base cast range from 600 to 800, increased dash speed up by 200, and an increased range growth.

In a separate post, the dev explained why Rammus is receiving these changes. “Rammus went significantly down from 12.14; he was performant in regular play on the previous patch, but struggles to take objectives on the new patch,” Phroxzon said. “Instead of buffing that however, we wanted to put power in his gank assist instead as that feels closer to his intended niche.”

Rammus currently has a 49.7 percent win rate in the Platinium division and above, according to stat site U.GG. He also has a 2.7 pick rate and a 5.8 percent ban rate. In terms of win rates in the jungle position, this puts him in the 33rd position out of 46 junglers.

This year, Rammus has barely been touched by the devs. Besides the durability update in Patch 12.10, the champion hasn’t received any changes whatsoever, with his latest direct update being in Patch 11.13. That season, he also received a mid-scope update, which made a series of changes to his kit, including his ultimate. Despite the update, he has barely been featured in professional play over the course of the last year.

Patch 12.15 is expected to go live on Wednesday, Aug. 10.