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LCS Playoffs quarterfinals : Teams' stats compilation

With the Playoffs starting this week, I feel like it's the right time to review the teams' stats of this Summer Split. Statscome from www.gamesoflegends.
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With the Playoffs starting this week, I feel like it's the right time to review the teams' stats of this Summer Split.

Stats come from www.gamesoflegends.com

Page 1 : H2K Gaming vs Giants Gaming

Page 2 : Team Impulse vs Dignitas

Page 3 : Unicorns of Love vs Roccat

Page 4 : Gravity vs TSM

H2K Gaming vs Giants Gaming


Damage profile


Giants Gaming playstyle mainly turns around PePiiNeRo. During Summer Split, PePiiNeRo played poke champions (Varus, Ezreal, KogMaw, Xerath or Jayce) in 12/19 games. He had a 58.3% winrate on these champions whereas he only won 1 game on other champions (with Diana). 


 H2K GamingGiants GamingEU average
Winrate %6146 
Avg game duration36:2538:4137:45
Gold / minute167415881621
Objectives Control
Dragons / game2.32.12.18
Dragons %55.546.9 
Nashors / game0.60.80.77
Nashor %51.946.5 
Towers killed / lost1.540.831.24
Kill Potential
First blood %61.142.1 
Kills / game1613.113.4
Kills / deaths ratio1.320.821.06
cs / minute26.727.227.45
Vision Control
wards / minute2.92.692.97
% of wards cleared28.2525.6929.53

H2K Gaming won the 2 games against Giants during the Summer Split.

Both teams have a low/average farming rate, Giants being slighty higher (considering the winrate difference, it can be a thing).

In term of vision control, Giants are at the bottom of EU LCS (lowest wards/minute tied with Copenhagen Wolves). H2K is not that far ahead, at the 7th position. 

Team Impulse vs Dignitas


Damage Profile


Very aggressive damage profile for TiP, with 17.9 kills/game (best of NA). Lot of damage coming from jungle, Rush mainly playing Lee Sin, Nidalee and Evelynn this split.

Talking of champion pool, Apollo played Sivir 11/19 times with a 72% winrate.


 TiPDignitasNA average
Winrate %6856 
Avg game duration37:0737:2338:55
Gold / minute177615601616
Objectives Control
Dragons / game2.51.92.24
Dragons %58.246.8 
Nashors / game1.10.90.8
Nashor %73.746.3 
Towers killed / lost1.430.851.06
Kill Potential
First blood %57.966.7 
Kills / game17.912.913.89
Kils / deaths ratio1.491.051.04
cs / minute28.226.527.23
Vision Control
wards / minute3.262.823.03
% of wards cleared32.5930.4733.50

 The score between the two teams during Summer Split was 1-1.

We can see a strong nashor control from TiP, securing 73.7% of them.

TiP is the best farming team of the split. Mainly because of XWX : being the 2nd best farmer of NA behind Altec. With his replacement by Gate, TiP's farming may be lower.

We can notice a bad warding for Dignitas (rank 9th of NA LCS).

Unicorns of Love vs Roccat


Damage profile



UoL and Roccat have a similar damage profile. ADC's damage for UoL being lower (the lowest of EU LCS in fact).


 UoLRoccatEU average
Winrate %5047 
Avg game duration36:0440:5437:45
Gold / minute157116001621
Objectives Control
Dragons / game2.22.32.18
Dragons %52.746.8 
Nashors / game0.40.80.77
Nashor %41.244.7 
Towers killed / lost0.930.951.24
Kill Potential
First blood %5042.1 
Kills / game12.613.713.4
Kills / deaths ratio0.911.091.06
cs / minute25.627.527.45
Vision Control
wards / minute2.933.082.97
% of wards cleared29.3330.6529.53

Both teams' stats are really close too, and they went 1-1 during their Summer Split matches.

UoL has the worst farming of EU LCS. Vardags being the last adc in term of farming (7.6 cs/min, Mr Rallez  has 8.4 cs/min).

The long game duration for roccat may benefit UoL who like playing champions with Tear of the Goddess.

Gravity vs Team Solomid


Damage profile


TSM is mainly mid-centric, playing around Bjergsen. Noticeable Bjergsen's champions this split were Azir (4W-0L) and KogMaw (2W-0L).

The picks & bans may be difficult for TSM against Gravity's champion pool (10 unique champions for Keane and Move), on the other hand Altec played 10/19 games on Sivir (with a 60% winrate).


 GravityTSMNA average
Winrate %6361 
Avg game duration38:4942:2538:55
Gold / minute165316211616
Objectives Control
Dragons / game2.62.62.24
Dragons %55.753.9 
Nashors / game0.90.80.8
Nashor %67.546.3 
Towers killed / lost1.371.361.06
Kill Potential
First blood %42.138.9 
Kills / game14.413.713.89
Kills / deaths ratio1.041.231.04
cs / minute27.827.627.23
Vision Control
wards / minute3.253.13.03
% of wards cleared35.6635.7933.5

Teams' stats are overall really close, teams went 1-1 during summer split.

Biggest difference come from Nashor control, in favor of Gravity.

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