LCS partners with GreenPark Sports, will debut Mastercard Player of the Week award with fan prizes

GreenPark Sports is making a new "all-digital" experience for LCS fans.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games has garnered yet another partner for the LCS by pairing up with mobile game developer GreenPark Sports to create “an all-new digital experience for LCS fans,” the organization announced today.

GreenPark Sports is a company founded by the creators of YouTube, Zappos, and BLITZ. Its team creates mobile games to help fans show off their passion for various sports teams and to compete against other fans to win prizes.

The app GreenPark is creating is still under development, which makes it hard to guess what it’ll be about. Riot’s announcement said that it’d be an online game that will be talked about a bit more in detail later on in the year, closer to the 2020 Summer Split.

Meanwhile, the LCS has also revealed that Mastercard will be returning to the league as a partner by presenting the 2020 LCS Player of the Week award. The Player of the Week segment will be broadcast after the new Monday Night League games.

The player who had the best weekend performance—judged by LCS casters and Riot staff—will be awarded a statue with a custom 3D model of the player. Fans who successfully predict the Player of the Week on Mastercard’s social media channel using the designated hashtag will get a chance to receive the same trophy, too.