LCK unveils 2021 Summer Split All-Pro teams

Faker didn't make it onto any of the teams.

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The LCK All-Pro teams revealed that there are players from four different teams in its First Team, showing how even the teams have been throughout the summer.

AFS’ Kiin, Nongshim RedForce’s Peanut and deokdam, DWG KIA’s ShowMaker, and T1’s Keria made it to the first team after their strong performances throughout the regular split.

Here are the three All-Pro teams for the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

All-LCK first team

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  • Top: AF Kiin (158 pts)
  • Jungle: NS Peanut (178 pts)
  • Middle: DK ShowMaker (170 pts)
  • Bottom: NS deokdam (169 pts)
  • Support: T1 Keria (155 pts)

It was not an uncommon sight to see the first team filled by one team that dominated the table, but this split had many strong players spread across various teams. Kiin has been one of the best performing top laners for a long time, but his team results don’t always match his individual performance, making him miss out on an LCK title or Worlds’ participation.

ShowMaker and Keria are two of the strongest LCK players in their corresponding roles with both players showing up when it matters and leading their teams to victory in various circumstances. During his short stint in the bottom lane, ShowMaker proved that he can be a flexible player and play other roles to a high level as well.

At the beginning of the split, it would be a bold choice to lock in first team spots for Peanut and deokdam. But the two NS players rightfully deserve their accolades after their Summer Split performance that saw them equal the 12-6 record of the reigning Worlds champions DK and Gen.G Esports, turning the year around after a sixth-place finish in Spring.

All-LCK second team

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  • Top: DK Khan (157 pts)
  • Jungle: DK Canyon (155 pts)
  • Mid: GEN Bdd (135 pts)
  • Bottom: GEN Ruler (152 pts)
  • Support: NS Kellin (134 pts)

Khan and Canyon had mixed performances through the regular season and were overtaken by Kiin and Peanut for the first All-Pro team. But in the last couple of weeks, they stepped up their performance, and DK shouldn’t be too worried going into playoffs.

Gen.G’s Bdd and Ruler are two of the best performing players of the team and always find themselves on an All-Pro team due to their consistently strong play. What they lack in highlights, they have in consistency, and they remain a contender heading into the playoffs.

NS’ Kellin, who went under the radar in the regular split, has been crucial in securing NS a lot of wins with his map control and engage-heavy playstyle. He’s been rewarded now, earning a spot in the second team.

All-LCK third team

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  • Top: LSB Summit (80 pts)
  • Jungle: LSB Croco (105 pts)
  • Mid: HLE Chovy (92 pts)
  • Bottom: LSB Prince (97 pts)
  • Support: LSB Effort (133 pts)

Liiv SANDBOX players have heavily improved during the offseason, leading their team from an eighth-place finish in the Spring Split to a fifth-place finish in the Summer Split. Four members of this team found themselves on the third LCK All-Pro team, showing their excellence at turning around their fortunes to sneak into the playoffs.

The only member not to make the cut was the mid laner FATE, who had great showings but wasn’t regarded as one of the best mid laners in the league. Instead, Chovy from the eighth place Hanwha Life Esports was selected as the mid laner to round out the All-Pro third LCK team due to his amazing individual performances, which unfortunately failed to translate to more wins. The 20-year old continues to maintain a high level of skill and performance regardless of which team he plays off, showing off his flexibility regardless of teammates and strategies.

DK, NS, and LSB members were the most preferred by voters, with the majority of the team making it onto one of the All-Pro teams. The votes don’t really correlate with LCK’s regular-season standings like in the previous splits, with votes going to many different players from teams ranked from first to sixth.

With no clear favorite, the playoff battle should be an exciting and unpredictable one to watch. The winner will automatically get a spot at this year’s World Championship.

The 2021 LCK Summer Split will continue with playoffs starting tomorrow at 3am CT.

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