LCK Summer Split to kick off June 12

Mark your calendars.

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Prepare to mess up your sleep schedules, fans of Korean League of Legends—the LCK Summer Split schedule has been released.

Like the previous four LCK seasonal splits, the upcoming Summer Split’s broadcast will be divided between OnGameNet and SPOTV. Beginning on June 12, the LCK will operate on a five day schedule. OGN will broadcast on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, while SPOTV handles Sunday and Tuesday game days.

This upcoming Summer Split will feature a new three-match game day every Wednesday. This extra game every Wednesday has shortened this LCK Summer Split’s regular season to eight weeks from the usual nine. To allow for a three match game day, Wednesday’s broadcast will begin on 2pm KST, which translates to 12am CT. The other four match days though will all begin at 5pm KST, or 3am CT.

Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith will continue be the LCK english broadcast’s only colour commentator, and will cast every match this split. Returning to join PapaSmithy in his casting endeavours will be Seth “Achilios” King and Max “Atlus” Anderson for OGN game days, as well as Brandon Valdes for SPOTV broadcasts.

In addition to Griffin, who qualified for the LCK through the Summer Promotion tournament, this Summer Split will feature two other new names—Gen.G and Hanwha Life Esports. KSV Esports have rebranded to Gen.G, while ROX Tigers’ League of Legends team was acquired by insurance firm, Hanwha Life.

The LCK Summer Split will begin on Tuesday June 12, with bbq Olivers and MVP in the split’s opening match.

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